We have a new author, Glenn Alexander.  Glenn's book, Above It All, Life From 200 Feet Up, features the land in Upstate New York.  All profits from the book will be donated directly to Mercy Corps, an international relief organization serving people suffering from poverty, displacement and war in over 40 countries, including Ukraine.  


Craft Company No. 6's generous customers donated $218 in just a few short weeks to aid the Ukrainian people impacted by violence and disruption.  Craft Company No. 6 has matched customer donations and has sent $436 to Direct Relief & Direct Relief Foundation.  This organization was (rated "A" by Charity Watch) who recently announced that it will commit $500,000 to support health efforts in Ukraine and surrounding countries absorbing refugees fleeing the violence and disruption.  The organization is also in communication with regional organizations to coordinate medical support for refugee communities.  Direct Relief is making its inventory of medical aid available and has humanitarian channels in Europe for further response.

Craft Company No. 6  sells handmade jewelry that profits breast cancer charities in Rochester.  

We also collect items to donate to Sample Soaps which redistributes toiletries to Rochester's neediest citizens.



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